Apr 26, 2006


I was going for a walk the other day, around the gorgeous lake near my house, and I wondered why we do things. It seems to me that we do about 90% of what we do so that we can do something else. Allow me to clarify; we do homework to get good grades, which leads (presumably) to a good college, allowing us to get an education in order so that we can get a good job, letting us finally retire in peace. And that's how it is for a lot of things. Retirement is the final goal of 90% of our lives. But what's the rush, huh? A lot of us, myself included, rush to do everything. Everything is done in the least possible time, becuase we feel that after this is done, we can get something else done. Everything is done as a means to an end, not as its own reward. We rush through everything: meals, sleep, school, driving...soon it'll all be over, and we'll have (figuratively) dived into our coffins; the end of the race. If that's where the race ends, then I don't think I want to win; or at least, I'd rather not be first. I want to slow down, smell the proverbial roses, but more than that, I want to enjoy it. I want to have the journey be my reward, and not the final destination (although that can be nice too). It's time to slow down.

And by the way, it's gonna be Penn.

University of Pennsylvania, class of 2010.

But not yet.

Apr 18, 2006


That got kind of bloody there in the last post. And now, in other news...

College results:
Rejections - Harvard, Stanford, MIT
Waitlist - Yale
Acceptances - UT, Rice, Case Western Reserve, Penn

My choices right now are probably between Rice, Case, and Penn. We shall see how things go.