May 24, 2005

All I Need


And you miss her the most when it's two in the morning, and your headache is pounding, and your nose is stuffed up and disgusting, and your fever makes it hard to even think straight, and you're sore everywhere, and you're so tired that you can't sleep no matter what you do, and you wouldn't even possibly think of calling anyone at that hour but her, because you know that even though she's got a final exam the next morning, and she hasn't slept much, she'll still lie to you and say she was awake anyways, and talk you to sleep, no matter how long it takes.

But you can't call, because it ended. Because it's gone.

May 8, 2005

Pratham Gala 2005!

So here I am again, blogging about the Pratham Gala. The post from last year is here, just in case you want to read the background or whatever.

Okay, so...yesterday morning I took the new SAT. That thing is LOOOOONG. Ten section! I was exhausted by the end of it. And plus, it was my fourth four-hour test in six days. That amounts to (I calculated this during the SAT) 400 multiple choice questions, 7 essays, and 6 Calculus free-response questions.

After that, I went straight to the Westin Galleria Ballroom downtown and got a Frappuccino, then went to help with set-up, which took quite a while. We had to set up tables for the entire ballroom, along with random crap that we had to put on the tables. I met Nupur, Meera, Priya, Puneet, Nirali, Akshay Uncle, and some other people whose names I forgot/never knew.

We all went and changed at one point or another; Nupur and friends took about an hour. Sheesh.

There wasn't much to do after that. I helped get the presentations and stuff started up in the catwalk, and then I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. There was Indian dancing, of course...LOTS of it. My whole body's sore from that; I'm not really used to it.

There was slow-dancing, yes. I did possibly the gayest thing I've ever done: slow-danced with this other guy named Mayur for about five seconds.

THEN there was garbah and bhangra and other stuff; we had fun. Dimple's husband was HILARIOUS; Mayur and I backed him up for all these love songs that he did dramatic enactments of.

Nupur and family took me home; thanks! I talked at length with her dad on the way him; very interesting conversation there. He's a cool person.

That's about it. There was, of course, a ton more stuff, but I think that stuff should stay between us volunteers.

*laughs nervously*