Feb 24, 2005

The Switch

Ever had someone just change on you? Not permanently change, not be forever different, but just for a little while, they're not the person you knew.

What do you do?

You can't treat them like they were before, because they don't respond the same way. And for me, at least, I sit here, trying to find the old best friend in her, but as much as I dig, it's not there. Or at least, it's buried really deep.

Do you treat them differently?

It's like talking to someone else in your friend's body, then. Like someone else wearing a really good costume. That's literally how it feels; like you're talking to some other person using her screen name, or cell phone, or face and body.

I don't know what to do. I just hope it passes quickly, because I want my Ha back.

Feb 10, 2005

It's Not a Game

I have just been insulted. Me and the rest of the male gender. What I just saw was something so unthinkable I couldn't have...I wouldn't have...imagined it in my worst nightmares.

I didn't think that real people could be so unfeeling. I didn't think that someone could willingly hurt someone else so badly. I didn't think I'd ever be friends with someone this callous.

I almost can't believe it. Almost...except for the tears in a girl's eyes and the shards of her heart on the floor.

So here's a warning to the rest of my gender: you'd better get your act together. Don't tell a girl you love her if you don't. Don't treat a girl like she doesn't matter. Don't screw around with a girl's heart just because it's convenient. Don't take the easy way out and run from your problems.

You see that wonderful look in her eyes? You know, when she's snuggled up to you and she looks up at you with the most implicit trust you'll ever see?

Don't betray that trust. And if you're not ready, then stay away from it. Because guys? It's not a game.

"...Maybe I'm longing in a way of love naive,
Maybe I'm desperate for a reason to believe;
There wasn't any way I thought that we would fall;
I've seen perfection in a rainbow in the sky,
I've seen a child make the coldest grown man cry,
But loving you I thought was greater than them all,
And we had it all, just you and me,
And now there's a doorway to my heart without a key..."

Feb 5, 2005

Hello World!

Hi there, fellow readers! Since your beloved Nirav has seemed to have taken leave for an extensive amount of time away from his precious blog, I have resolved to post in his place once, just to fill in the gap a bit.

I honestly don't blame him for not posting frequently anymore. After all, he seems to be quite busy doing the following:
1. Scoring a 1600 on the SAT I w00t w00t!!! *cough*nerd*cough*
2. Qualifying for the state UIL solo n ensemble competition (viola)
3. Qualifying for the state thingy in German Club (in 2 events!)
4. Getting ready to go to TMSCA state for m/s
5. Staying number ONE in the junior class
6. and TRYING to still seem like a NORMAL person. Hah!

*grin* Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Nirav Sanghani IS human (for the most part).
Hmm.... or is he...

[insert moment of thoughtful pondering here]

OR....could your hero a la academia be some product of ingenius hybridization? Could he just be the ultra-nerd? The ultimate 17 year old model student?

[more pondering]

Nahh. Can't be. He was crazy enough to join us speechies... that most definitely renders him as being a sucker *wink*.

So ANYWAYS, solo and ensemble was today. Yours truly is also qualified for state, courtesy of Ravel and his pansy-like music. Congrats out there to everyone out there who made the cut! (Go Pradnya, Maerilly, Iris, Joy, Yenn Yenn, Parul, Nirav, Sarah, Viet, Tanaya, etc...) Looks like we'll all get to go to state as one big happy family! ...scary thought, eh?

Okay...I'm having a lot of uneccessary trouble coming up with topics that don't revolve around myself. So, on that note, I bid you goodbye and hope that this post does not get deleted by "the management."