May 24, 2005

All I Need


And you miss her the most when it's two in the morning, and your headache is pounding, and your nose is stuffed up and disgusting, and your fever makes it hard to even think straight, and you're sore everywhere, and you're so tired that you can't sleep no matter what you do, and you wouldn't even possibly think of calling anyone at that hour but her, because you know that even though she's got a final exam the next morning, and she hasn't slept much, she'll still lie to you and say she was awake anyways, and talk you to sleep, no matter how long it takes.

But you can't call, because it ended. Because it's gone.


missy_ly said...

whoa, what a post. what's up daddy?

xoxo, maerilly

Meena Fonzarelli said...

Hey, Nirav! Aww, I'm really sorry about you and your lady friend dealio. :-/ If it helps any I'm somewhat in a bad situation, too.