Aug 19, 2004

Not Worth It

It's not worth it. Nothing is.
For the past few nights, I've stayed up until at least one A.M. to write cases and prep for the debate tournament. I've gotten an average of five hours of sleep, and while that seems like a lot to some people, it's not. Not for me, at least.
So I'm never doing this again. Don't get me wrong; I'm not quitting debate. But if I'm ever as unprepared as this, I have to remember my priorities. My health comes first, which means a decent amount of sleep. Right now, sleep is a dream, ironically enough. I have a few quizzes to study for, and then finally I want to finish my neg case. Even though it's just the first week of school, my grades have suffered (or are about to suffer) because of my paying way too much attention to debate. There's something wrong when you completely forget to make up a test after school.
Right now, I'm feeling frustrated, sleepy, annoyed, and just plain exhausted. I know that I get quite mean when I'm like this, and I'm so sorry to anyone who IMed me and got snapped at. I didn't mean it, or at least didn't mean to mean it.
So now, as I decide to skip studying for a test tomorrow, I finally feel like I've made the right choice.
Everything else can wait; I need my rest.

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