Nov 8, 2005


I made this for my profile on facebook, and ended up kinda liking it. Every capitalized word is the end of the phrase before it and the beginning of the phrase after it. See if you can catch the symbolism.

Facebook is the world up HERE is the beginning of 1 end of THE ROAD travels on and on, sweeps us away to its faraway ENDings, beginnings, what's the DIFFERENCE between people mean different VIEWPOINTS from space, earth is a jewel on the silky neck of the UNIVERSE of joy, harmony, truth, LOVE is BEAUTIFUL is 2 AM at my doorstep in a loose t-shirt and SWEATS off the stress of today, he does, because tomorrow is sure to be WORSE bad better BEST be CAREFUL is the GLUEstick ain't gonna cut it anyMORE is what we look for, more is what we CRAVEings at 3 AM for pancakes and SYRUPy world that is dripping down around us, slipping and sliding through the cracks in SOCIETY is the difference between what should be done and what can't be DONE with this.


Monica said...

hahaha, that made absolutely no sense. it might have something to do with me being incredibly tired; who knows? Anyways, hope everything's going good for you. miss you tons ='(

<3 Monica

Anonymous said...

I read that first on facebook, without guidelines for how to read it. Being tired and lazy, I assumed that each capitalized word may hide a sentence in its own. After reading those sequentially first, that idea went down the drain. Then I actually read it and figured out the pattern quickly.

Very interesting, I must say. Reminds me of one line in Everytime I Look For You by Blink 182, "...betray my short attention span the distance..." (In which "span" would, obviously, be the capitalized word.)

Nirav said...

Thanks for the comment; it'd be nice if I knew who you were so I could match a face to your interesting thoughts (no sarcasm...seriously!)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, not time for that yet.

I hope I don't sound too creepy and/or stalker-ish at this point, and I apologize if I do. I merely get bored and go through my friends' blogs and what not.

Nirav said...

you ALMOST sound stalkerish, but heck, so do i at times; it makes life interesting.
well then, just make sure you tell me someday who you are.

The Anonymous. said...

Scaring people can be rather fun. Some don't seem to appreciate others noticing random things about people. Especially people the observer doesn't know. Hmm.

I do, however, know you. Just not well. I'm sure I'll eventually reveal my identity.

Until then,
Anonymous. :)