Feb 26, 2006

State German Contest 2006

One of the earliest posts in this blog - the second or third - was about something that happened at the State German Contest in 2004, two years ago. Here are the highlights from this year:

- Bleib!

- Blutbefleckt!

- Andrew and Kyle...in boxes...almost naked.

- Senior orgy!

- The VIP lounge on the bus.

- Erwin's *ahem* shows.

- Afterparty at Nirav's house!

- The entire club performed admirably in time of emergency.

- Kyle won first place in spelling.


- Armaggedon's messed-up physics.

- Hotshots: "I had a multioptomotepsry. But to avoid damaging the eye sockets, they had to go in through the rectum"

- "Wir sind Koby und Loby."

- "Kastriert und geblendet!"

- Tony's immense yell of anguish.

- Short ties!

- Aviator sunglasses.


- Leis.

- Straightened hair *grin*.

- Silverware in Frau's purse...and jacket.

- "Would you care for some condiments, Frau?"

- The company on the bus.

- Folkdancing!!!

- The badge that Jord@n got me.

And I think that's about it for my last year going to State. Two at Baylor, two at UT. It's been great, everyone.

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Summer said...

thanks for the HOSA compliment =] looks like you guys did a damn good job at german state too! congrats to that (sorry im a bit late- havent been here in a while)