Jun 25, 2006

I'm Back!

And probably not much better than ever. Germany, however, was amazingly awesome. I can't wait to go back. The FIFA World Cup was awesome. Bonn was awesome. The Deep Purple concert I went to there was awesome. It was all awesome. And hilarious. Something about going on a trip with Andrew Kulha makes it inherently funny.
Want proof? Here are some bona fide quotes from the trip:

-"How long do you get for a dollar?"
-"Four minutes."

-"We need someone on top of her!"

-"I feel like I've got the whole world in my pants."

-"Okay, so you get her from behind, and I'll take a picture."

Of course, it was only fun until someone got hurt. Then it was hilarious. Here's the list of people who had to go to the doctor. Interestingly enough, it alternated between Germans and Americans.

Erwin - broken collarbone
Marc - broken finger
Nirav - damaged knee
Marcus - allergies
Alex - ear problems
Felix - allergies
Kyle - bronchitis

Now I can't forget the fact that when you've got thirty teenagers stuck together for three weeks, hormones are bound to flare up in all of their awkward flirting glory. During our collective time together in Houston and Bonn, there were no fewer than twenty attempted hookups. I think only about four succeeded. Suckers.

Thanks, by the way, for everyone who came to my graduation party. It was a ton of fun. Of course, I'm starting to think that graduation parties are mainly for parents. Guests come, congratulate the graduate, and then naturally turn to the parents: "Not bad!".
Even so, my party was pretty lucrative for me too. I made more money from my party than I've made in my entire life combined. I'm thinking I should graduate more often - maybe go for a victory lap at Hightower.

Just kidding. Ain't no way I'm going back there. That ship has sailed...or perhaps "sunk" might be more appropriate.

Finally, my sister is going to New York City to be a middle school science teacher for the next two years. Here is the link to the blog that she's keeping of her experiences. The link is also going to the right hand side of my page, underneath the archives section. Enjoy!

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