Aug 16, 2006


Right. So I'm attempting to make my USB drive work. My USB mouse works in that same USB port. My small JumpDrive plugs into it. When I go to Device Manager, it shows up as JumpDrive. The only problem is, it doesn't show up under My Computer, which is, of course, where it needs to be.
After making my computer jump through flaming hoops and flip backwards over hungry lions to try and access my USB drive, I finally swallow my pride and click on "Troubleshoot...". This helps, in the sense that it doesn't help at all. The troubleshooter asks me inane questions like, "Is your USB device connected?"
Finally, I go to Windows Update, as a last resort. The website then scanned my system for the ActiveX controls that would allow it to check whether or not I have the latest version of the Windows Update software updater. Then it intstalled those ActiveX controls, and then found that that I didn't have that latest updater software. So it installed the updater software, and then updated my version of Windows Update. Then, after all of this, I could finally see which updates were available for my computer.
I gave up.

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Shikhar.Singh said...

1.) Is this a USB drive that you made? or is it just a USB drive -

2.) Do you have a pirated vs. of windows? - if you do, its hard to get the USB 2.0 Drivers for your motherboard becuase generaly they are dependant on WIN SP2. it is possible that your drive isn't USB backwards compatable with 1.1 -thats a problem.

let me know how this turns out man!