Jul 23, 2007

A Healthy Sense of Self-Crappiness

When I wake up every morning, and regard my scrawny, gangly body and my rather unremarkable (some would say repulsive) features, I typically content myself with the knowledge I've devoted myself, more or less, to developing and sharpening my mind.

And then people like Natalie Portman come along.

Natalie Portman's psychology major from Harvard completely obliviates what small sense of self-worth I have. There are, of course, many Harvard psychology graduates, but none with such gorgeous looks and poise - indeed, few other actresses look as good with a shaven head, proving it's not all makeup.

She speaks or has studied five languages - five! She's co-authored two research papers that were published in scientific journals. She's a vegetarian (okay, that one probably only interests me). And she portrayed herself as an angry gansta rapper on SNL. Wikipedia's term, not mine.

That's when I get a sudden surge of "wait, what have I done with my life again?".

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Anonymous said...

jebus...natalie portman r00lz