Apr 20, 2005


I guess a lot of you want the story. Sorry, but to protect the innocent (and the guilty), I'd rather not just toss it out on the Internet. If you're really interested, ask, and I might tell.

For this blog, suffice it to say that I got burned, twice, by the same person, in the same place, and now I'm healing. I'm writing about it; not specifics, but instead general entries in a journal about what I've learned. No, you can't read it yet. Yes, you can read it when it's done. In fact, I'm writing it because I want it to be read, eventually. I'd like people to know not what happened, but why and how it happened. Again, however, it's not specific, to protect certain people.

To my friends and family: I'm sorry. I know I've been pretty annoying for the past couple weeks, and probably somewhat of a burden. In the past few months, too, I've drifted away from many of you, and only after all this happened did I realize how stupid that was. Some of you, in spite of me, did things for me that just blew me away. To those few of you especially, and to anyone and everyone who's put up with my complaining, venting, ranting, and philosophical theorizing, you have my sincerest thanks.

Anyways, I've got some music to face, and some new memories to make.


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Jordan said...

Nirav Sanghani is no burden to any person. He is a gift, a blessing to a lucky group of people who need someone as dynamic, patient, understanding, sympathetic, and most of all loyal to be around. We love you, dude.