Apr 30, 2005

NFL Districts

The 25 highlights of the National Forensics League Districts tournament:

1. Forgiving, but not forgetting, at 2 am, the day of.

2. This shit is BANANAS!

3. A judge told me that he thought I had debated my case at TFA State.

4. Asif and Shamez fooled everyone into thinking they had beat the best team at the tournament.

5. Asif and Shamez got a no-show AND a bye. Completely unfair.

6. I finally figured out how to do extemp.

7. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

8. Learning French by context clues.

9. "Nice hat."

10. The schedule from hell: extemp, extemp, debate, debate, all back-to-back, with no break in between.

11. Spoons...I mean, pens.

12. Duck, duck, goose.


14. "Insert previous comeback here."

15. "Lemme reflect for five minutes, then I'll be right with you."

16. Discounted pizza.

17. Inside connections to get lower Frappuccino prices (thanks Brett).

18. Indian tea!

19. URLs? We don't need no stinkin' URLs!

20. Soaked-in-sweat Kevin hugging Mrs. Gilson.

21. Brownies and lemonade! (thanks Mrs. Gilson!)

22. I cut my LD case during my opponent's speech.

23. Germophobic racist judges. Damn them!

24. This random kid humped the wolf statue.

25. And of course, the very best part was spending two days with Lara.

That's all, folks!

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