Sep 22, 2005

The Rita Journal - Day 2, Pictures

Thursday: 22 September 2005

6:55 PM. I just got back from helping some family friends down the street board up their windows. I brought my camera, so here are pictures:

This is my house as of 2:30 PM today, as seen from the middle of my street.

I saw a lot of taped-up doors and windows as I walked to our friends' house.

This was the side of the house that we needed to board up. There's also one more window off to the left that didn't make it into the pictures.

We finally finished. That last window on the left was horrible to do. We eventually just kind of gave up; the barriers holding that wood on there is really flimsy. Also, we made a slight mistake and ended up with all the nails pointing outward so we didn't scratch the glass of the window. Thus, we put Silly Putty on the nails. Strange problems require strange solutions.

On my way back I saw that our neighbors across the street had the cab of an eighteen-wheeler, in case they had to get away through rising water. I suddenly feel unprepared.

It's now 7:45 PM (these pictures took FOREVER to upload; I did it wrong the first time, too). We're going to eat dinner, watch some news, and go to sleep. Hurricane Rita is scheduled to start affecting us tomorrow night with light showers, and really hit us on Saturday morning. Fun stuff.


Sirhin said...

:) Have fun and take care Mr. Spongey Hair!

Summer said...


Heh... see ya monday, dude

ducky said... about blog spam! Hey how did you upload those pics from blogger and arrange them so neatly? If I post more then one image on blogger, it gets messay.