Sep 24, 2005

The Rita Journal - Day 4

Saturday: 24 September 2005

9:57 AM. The worst of Rita has passed, and to tell the truth, we got very lucky. There's still the occasional shower or gust of wind, but for the most part it's over, and we never lost power or water once. I would almost say it's disappointing, but then I remember that it was so, so much worse for people further up north near Beaumont and then I'm just glad that they took the hit for us. The extent of damage is still to be seen, but I think the main impact of Rita is over.
Worst date I had in my life.

9:04 PM. Didn't do too much today. My dad and I got rid of our large stockpiles of water by watering all the plants. Everything's closed, so me, Span, Pranay, and Christina got together and watched The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy at Pranay's house. Good cookies.
Everything's pretty much done now. All that's left is to put everything away, get back into normal life, and pray for and help out the people who are still picking up, cleaning up, and rebuilding.
Thanks for reading, everyone. Good-night.


Anonymous said...

I left a comment on your first Rita post, and I've been reading it whenever I can since then. I've enjoyed reading what you've said about it, because it shows exactly what everyone else in and around Houston has been feeling.

Luckily Rita was mostly just bark with very little bite. A few tossed around stoplights, a few tree limbs, and a little bit of wind (still). Also, the power flicked off at my house for about one second at 3:30AM, but that was all.

We were very fortunate, but I still don't know the extent of damage in other cities that it wasn't originally expected to hit. (Like Beaumont, as you mentioned.)

Thank you, I appreciated reading your entries. =)

Nirav said...

thanks! it's good to know i'm being read.

-the management