Dec 30, 2005


Sometimes I'm ashamed to be Indian. The focus is on racism in America, against African-Americans, but there's so much racism by Indians against Muslims, it's disgusting. I was just asked this from someone, referring to a brown person: "Is she Indian or Muslim? Because you should never associate with Muslims, you know."
How does this help ANYTHING? Then they went on to speak of the Muslim community as though it were at colony of insects that had to be exterminated. Where does this take us? Blindly hating a specific ideology and culture? Sound familiar? That's a characteristic we attribute to our ENEMIES.
W. T. F.


B-Jizzy said...

just wow.

Summer said...

PREACH, brotha!!!!

Linz said...

Prejudice and racism are both horrible things, no matter the source or the target.

Growing up in Houston/Alief has made me accepting of all backgrounds, but my family is split, my dad's half is racist and unaccepting, and my mum's is the most open bunch you'll find (they are also the Quakers, so that explains some =P). It's very hard talking to my dad's side for those reasons, though.

The point of that is simply to remind people that racism and prejudice are universal from parts of all societies, races, religions, etc. towards all of these "groups." -sigh- It's an individual choice that each person needs to make; everyone needs to decide on their own what the right thing is. Hopefully everyone will eventually find openness for all cultures and ideologies =\. Until then, it's just a depressing struggle towards peace for those that have already found such acceptance.

meE said...

omgsh!! I noe what ur talkin about.. its so annoying!!