May 27, 2004

Halfway Done

The title says it all. We're halfway done with high school. Yeesh.

So here's the rundown on exams week (starting Saturday, because that's when I started studying):

I met Luis, Maria, Joy, Brandon (Cogan), and Alicia at Barnes and Noble to study World History and Chemistry. The main thing that happened was that Luis got me all the correct answers to the old chem tests (which didn't help much anyways; see Thursday)...then Cogan and Joy left...Alicia showed up for around five-sixths of a second and left again...and so Luis, Maria, and I are left hanging around Starbucks. We played cards for a while; I learned poker (yay!) and, after not being able to get Pranay or Ha to come there to play Spades, Luis asked a random stranger if he knew how to play Spades...which I didn't want to teach, so we ended up playing V.C....the random person was Asian, so he won, of course. I had a Java Chip Frapuccino, which was excellent.
Then we gave up cards, and Luis quizzed Maria and me on World History...half the answers seemed to be "unrestricted submarine warfare"...don't ask.
Maria had to go, leaving Luis and I supremely bored at b&n. and hungry, we were pretty hungry too. (oh yeah, and maerilly was SUPPOSED to come, but she skipped out on us)
So we decided to walk over to the buildings in the parking lot of b&n, but there was no place there that we could afford. we ended up walking to First Colony Mall and eating in the food court, where I saw Amanda Comer.
Then Luis realized he was supposed to meet his ride at AMC First Colony about fifteen minutes ago and had to run, so I just waited for my parents to pick me up...after that I went to CiCi's with my family (yes, the stammtisch CiCi's). Went to sleep pretty soon after we came back.

I was SUPPOSED to be studying this day, but I had decided the day before that I couldn't study at home; it's SO MUCH EASIER to study at b&n. So again, I got a ride there from my dad. Also, I realized the secret to studying at a bookstore: you have to know what you're going to get distracted my case (at b&n) it's ALWAYS that I end up picking up some random book and read instead of studying. So, in order to keep myself on track, I called Ha and got her to come keep me company. I was studying precal that day, and my plan worked tremendously well (see Monday).
We found a book that she'd known about called All in the Timing (title of my blog now), which has 14 one-act plays by a guy called David Ives. REALLY hilarious. we want to do 'variations on the death of trotsky' for reader's theater next year.
I had ANOTHER java chip frapuccino (thanks to Ha), which probably wasn't exceptionally good for me. She had coffee too, but I guess it didn't work too well, because after about an hour or so she nearly fell asleep. Anyways, so I did in fact get some work done.
Her dad got there, so she left. In about five minutes I had found a book on game design and was reading that for the next twenty minutes until my mom called and said she was almost there to come get me.
Also, I found a cd in the music section by Dispatch which I MUST buy soon. I just need money.

Took PreCal and German. I thought this would be my hardest day, but in fact that ended up being Friday, ironically enough. PreCal was grueling, but not exceptionally hard. German was actually pretty hard. Got home, went to sleep, woke up, ate, went back to sleep.

Multimedia and Compsci. Easy stuff. After compsci the girls were playing this game that resulted in a prediction of neil grabbing shalin's butt. Gross stuff. After multimedia I did an audioblogger post of blake spreading...he didn't spread his fastest, but oh well. After school I did pretty much the same thing as the day before: got home, went to sleep, woke up, ate, went back to sleep.

English and World History. Both were moderately easy. The World History final was exactly like the review, thank God.

That's today, savvy? During Orchestra, we played Spades. The result? Mr. Soto and I thoroughly kicked Asif's and Naveed's collective butt. Of course, Asif blames it all on Naveed. I really should have studied for chem instead, because the next period, I got completely owned by the Chemistry final. 200 questions in about 1.5 hours. Pure hell. I should be okay...I can miss 56 questions and still make an A for the semester. Also, I ran out of time, so I called The Random Crap Rule, which states: If you write down Completely Random Crap on a test, you're bound to get at least ONE answer correct. I very much hope so.
Oh yeah, and I found out my PreCal grade: 98. NINETY-EIGHT! If it wasn't the last day of school, I'd get jumped by juniors; I completely wrecked the grade curve. mwahaha. So I guess studying at b&n worked after all.

Peace out, friends. Enjoy your summer, and DON'T BE SMART UNTIL AUGUST!


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