May 30, 2004

A Short Play

I think I'll write a play...

So...What Now?
By Nirav Sanghani

[Ralph and Sally are sitting at a table in a coffee-shop]

Ralph: So that's it then. We're done. It's over.

Sally: Yeah, I guess so.

R: [sighs]

S: [sighs]

R: Pity, too. We would have been so-

S: -great together, I know. But it was-

R: -my decision, yeah. Actually, I thought it was up to both of us.

S: Hey, I told you my end. It's only up to you now.

R: Sure thing.

S: Did I detect sarcasm in that statement?

R: Perhaps...

S: [sighs]

R: What?

S: Nothing.

R: You always say that.

S: Say what?

R: "Nothing."

S: No, tell me!

R: I just did! You always say "nothing."

S: Oh.

R: Right.

S: So...what now?

R: Hey, I've got an idea!

S: That's a first.

R: I suppose I deserved that.

S: Yes you did.

R: We should just get married and skip all the dating crap.

S: Now, how does that work?

R: Never mind.

S: Okay. If you say so. [begins to hum tunelessly]

R: Hey, kid...what's that tune you always hum?

S: I wasn't aware I was humming the same tune. [begins to hum again, listens to herself] Wow! You're right.

R: So what is it then?

S: I don't know.

R: Oh.

S: Yeah.

R: So...what now?

S: I honestly have no idea.

R: As usual.

S: Wait...was that an insult?

R: Probably.

S: Oh, okay. Just checking.

R: Right.

S: I think you're over-analyzing this.

R: Am I?

S: Yes, yes you are.

R: Am I really?

S: Um...yes?

R: Oh, okay. Just checking.

S: Okay. So anyways, you need to look at the big picture.

R: What big picture?

S: You know, step back and look at everything as a whole. I mean, inspecting the nooks and crannies is good, but sometimes you just have to look at the whole thing, plain and simple.

R: But what if it's not simple?

S: It is, trust me.

R: You know, things aren't as clear for me as they are for you.

S: Just think about it for a while.

R: But I don't want to think! Wait...that sounded just like you!

S: And right now, I'm the one giving the advice...

R: ...meaning you stole my mind!

S: And enjoying it very much, thank you.

R: Just don't get it dirty or anything...

S: I'll take good care of it, don't worry.

R: ...though of course, I suppose the inside of your skull is exceptionally clean, not having had to hold anything before.

S: I'm sorry, what was that?

R: Nothing...

S: Was that another insult?

R: [smiles]

S: Grr.

R: [sighs]

S: This is getting pointless.

R: All of our conversations have been pointless, know.

S: Yeah.

R: This is the hugest subject avoidance I've ever seen.

S: [nods]

R: So...

S: So...

R & S: ...what now?


Thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed my short play. I know I enjoyed writing it. :-)


Kithan "Fox" Wilder said...

wow. You can tell its summer break, Nirav is allready bored out of his mind, isn't he? Oh well, its not a bad short play, its definently something that has probably happened many timesin the past to be repeated many times in the future. -shrugs-
ok, and im saying YOUR bored...

Anonymous said...

What the...your tagboard doesnt work. Anyway, I said your play is what they call 'theatre of the absurd'...damn existentialism!