Mar 3, 2004

The First "10" List!

10 ways to know if you play too many computer RPGs:

1. When you buy clothes, you check the tag for the armor bonus.

2. When you pass a test, you think you’ve gained a level and feel a need to distribute those hard-earned stat points.

3. You talk to random people just to see how much interactivity your life was programmed with.

4. You always overburden yourself with stuff because you thought that your inventory was bigger than it actually is.

5. You get annoyed when people don't "join your party" just because you asked them to.

6. Instead of asking your teacher if you can retake a test, you ask them if you can retry the quest.

7. Every time you do anything for anyone, you expect money as a quest reward.

8. You sign your name as “[deathclan]sLAy3R_299”.

9. You use the word “emoted” frequently in place of “did”.

10. Instead of saying to people that you’re tired, you claim that you don’t have enough mana.

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