Mar 17, 2004

The Return of the "10" List

10 ways to know if you’re a nerd:

1. Your room contains more CDs than pieces of paper.

2. You’ve thought about installing cooling fans in your skull.

3. You refer to your computer as ‘she’.

4. You know the difference between ‘internet’ and ‘intranet’.

5. Your graphing calculator has more programs on it than your teacher’s computer.

6. You find yourself trying to hit control+Z in real life situations.

7. Your graphics card has a name.

8. You passionately support either ATI or nVidia.

9. You know what ATI and nVidia are and do.

10. People frequently call you ‘nerd’. *wink*

(note: I can poke fun at nerds because I know I am one. For me it was #10.)

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