Mar 11, 2004

A Post on Posting

I’m feeling a need to write, so I thought I’d open up Word and just let my thoughts flow.

Ha ha ha. No, seriously, people are pressuring me to write something and post it. Therefore, because I’m a spineless wimp, I’m going to try and be funny on command. At present moment I’m on instant messenger, and I just asked someone for a topic to write about. Instead, now we’re talking about the chemistry test I took today. Fat lot of help they are.

So perhaps I can talk about the fact that some people update their online journal with every single little thing that they do. Here’s a sample:

- I’m not doing much. Just sitting here.
[posted @ 8:30:33]

- I’m still here. Now I’m scratching my head.
[posted @ 8:34:19]

- Hey, I just inhaled really deeply. Let’s see if I can do it again!
[posted @ 8:35:28]

- Wow! I did it again!
[posted @ 8:35:39]

…and so on. The only limit to how much detail they include is how fast they can click the buttons to update their journal. Someone was telling me that “it’s the little things that count”, but really, do we have to know all the little things? I’m just glad that these people don’t have laptops, or we might get way too much detail about their lives.

As long as I’m being spineless and giving in to demands, I might as well write something about missy_ly, who requested that I write something about her, though she didn’t know what. So, here goes. For some odd reason, her cell phone number was on my phone before we swapped numbers. There. Happy?

If someone asked me for all my money and clothes right now, they’d probably get them.

I still don’t have a decent topic. Now my friend and I are talking about solar flares of the sixteenth century. Not even remotely humorous.

Anyways, since my Coke’s almost done now, and I’m getting bored, I’ll leave you all with a question:

What’s a good question to end this column with?

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