Jul 8, 2004

A Dream

Last night I had a dream. In it, someone I miss dearly came to my house, somehow, and we were just sitting and chatting. And that, just being there talking, was complete heaven. I haven't seen this person since school ended, just seen them on AIM, said "hi!" over the phone. But there's nothing like actually talking; nothing replaces face-to-face conversation.
Today has been the worst day of a horrible week. My shoulder's been hurting from viola playing, I have to learn a piece that I'm playing as a favor for the bride in a wedding in Albany, NY tomorrow; I've been overstressed, overworked, and yelled at all day. And all this with no frappuccino to get me through the day, too.
But every time I get way too depressed, I just calm down, take a deep breath, and remember that wonderful feeling I had, just talking. And then, when I'm playing my piece for that wedding, I only have to remember the feeling I had when I woke up and realized it was all a dream to push that extra emotion into the music.

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Anonymous said...

"hi!" you know, i think its safe to say the feeling (though not the dream) is pretty mutual. in fact, its a sure thing- see ya soon, nirav