Jul 2, 2004

"I'm Back."

...quoting the T-101 from the Terminator series.

So yes, I'm back, but it may not be for long, depending on how lazy/active I am. Some updates:
- I've taken up harmonica, which is going pretty well. The only problem is a lack of music to play.
- My summer music camp, the American Festival for the Arts (AFA), is also going great. We had an excellent first concert, and we're all set to have another one in two weeks, when we're playing Tschaikovsky's 2nd Symphony.
- I have 5 invitations to Gmail from my account. So if I know you (or probably even if I don't), leave me a message on the tagboard and I'll see if I want to give you one.
- For anyone who's out of town, or going to be out of town, have fun and use sunscreen! At least over here, the funked up Houston weather has kicked in, making it either pouring rain or hot and humid.
- I'm leaving for Albany, NY a week from today for a wedding, which should be fun.
And that's about it for now. Oh, and I think I'm going to finish my short story that I started a while ago. If I ever do finish, I'll post the three parts up here one by one for your reading pleasure.
Enjoy your summer break!

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