Jun 6, 2004

20 (times 5) Questions

I didn't really want to do this, but here goes anyways...

1. Kissed your cousin: on the cheek, sure
2. Ran away: nope
3. Pictured your crush naked: not gonna answer this ~.~
4. Skipped school: me? no, seriously...
5. Broken someone's heart: sadly, yes
6. Been in love: depends on your definition of "love"
7. Cried when someone died: mhm, my uncle...R.I.P. Kshitij Kothari
8. Wanted someone you knew you could never have: yep
9. Broken a bone: nope
10. Done something embarressing: THIS is embarassing!
11. Lied: i prefer to call them "distortions of the truth"
12. Cried in school: nah

13. Coke or Pepsi: Coke, duh
14. Sprite or 7up: sprite, if anything
15. Girls or guys: in what way?
16. Flowers or candy: CHOCOLATE!!!
17. Scruff or clean shaved: wtf?
18. Blonds or brunettes: quoting Ha: "Neither. Black hair is friggin awesome."
19. B!tchy or Slutty: there's a difference?
20. Tall or short: for girls, i'll take short
21. Pants or shorts: Pants
22. Night or day: the shadows of the nocturne

WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX... (ooh this should be interesting)
23. What do you notice first: smile
24. Last person you slow-danced with: let's see...i think it was nupur...she taught me how to slow dance (thanks!)
25. Worst Question to Ask: what gender are you really?

26. Showered: this morning
27. Stepped outside: my balcony, about five minutes ago

28. Romantic moment: nothing noteworthy
29. Romantic moment gone wrong: see above
30. Your Good Luck Charm: keychain
31. Person you hate the most: no one, really
32. Best thing that has ever happened to you: lieben
33. Worst thing that has ever happened: see above
34. Picture on your desk: me and my sister!

35. Color: blue
36. Movie: lord of the rings! woo hoo!
37. Artist or band: too many! some good ones: dispatch, Wise Guys, Howard Shore
38. Ice cream: double chocolate chunk dipped in chocolate
39. Food: indian, chinese, mexican, italian, american

40. Makes u laugh the most: um...myself
41. Makes u smile: the innate humor in the world
42. Can Make you feel better no matter what: my sister
43. Has a crush on you: *cough*
44. Do you have a crush on: *cough*
45. Has it Easier: class of '07 in mr. trinh's class
46. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them? define "funny"
47. Makes you feel like you can fly forever: isn't this getting a bit personal???
48. Do you love unconditionally? family

49. Sit by the phone at night waiting for a certain someone to call: if they TELL me they're calling, then sure...otherwise, not really
50. Save AIM conversations: twice
51. Save e-mails: i have Gmail! i archive everything
52. Forward secret emails: never
53. Wish you were someone else: probably once or twice, but not really
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: NO
55. Wear cologne: meh
56. Kiss: kiss who?
57. Cuddle: meh
58. Go online for more than 8hrs at a time: a real question would be LESS than 8 hours at a time

59. Fallen for your best friend: funny you should ask...
60. Made out with JUST a friend: no.
61. Kissed two people in the same day: mom and dad?
62. Had sex with two ppl in the same day: well...no, just kidding
63. Been rejected: not yet
64. Been in love: define "love"
65. Been in lust: no.
66. Used someone: i'd love to say no, but...
67. Been used: meh
68. Dumped someone: nope
69. Been Cheated on: not yet...let's keep it that way
70. Been Kissed: by?
71. Done Something you regret: yes.

72. You touched: my mom
73. You talked to: my mom
74. You hugged: my mom or my dad...there aren't that many ppl in my house! and i haven't been anywhere the whole day
75. You IMed: close2home
76. You kissed: dunno
77. You yelled at: dunno
78. You thought about: someone ~.~
79. Who text-messaged you: i think it was joy, about a year and a half ago...
80. Who broke your heart: *sigh*...
81. Who told you they loved you: no comment

82. Have tattoos: define "tattoo"
83. Have piercings: nope
84. Have a boyfriend: um...that's disturbing. who made me take this quiz anyways??
85. Own a Webcam: yeah, but do i use it? no.
86. Own a Thong: nah
87. Ever get off that damn computer: never
88. Sprechen Sie Deutsch: Ja, Deutsch ist am Besten!
89. Habla espanol: nein
90. Quack: do i quack? yeah, at the ducks on the lake near my house.
91. Do a lot of stupid stuff: sometimes

92. Stolen anything: let's just keep that quiet, okay?
93. Smoke: although i don't have MY brain, i do have A brain. NO.
94. Schizophrenic: at times i argue with myself...does that count?
95. Obsessive: um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um um
96. Compulsive: ;slkjlkjfkd
97. Obsessive Compulsive: *twitches convulsively* heh heh heh
98. Panic: when panic is called for, yes
99. Anxiety: "have you anxiety?" "do you anxiety?" "are you anxiety?" none of those work, you 100-questions-writing-idiot!
100. Depressed: sometimes...but overall no.

whew...finally done. and i managed to not reveal anything at all! yay!

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