Jun 3, 2004

"Oh, The Places You'll Go..."

I told Ha the other day that "I don't travel much...only a few places." But then she asked where I've been, and I realized that actually, I travel a LOT.
Here's my list so far:

Foreign Cities
London, England
Budapest, Hungary
Vienna, Austria
Bombay, India
Delhi, "
Prague, the Czech Republic
Bratislava, Slovakia
Venice, Italy
Florence, "
Rome, "
Zurich, Switzerland
Basel, "
Toronto, Canada
Amsterdam, Holland

U.S. Cities
Los Angeles, California
San Francisco, "
Palo Alto (Stanford), "
Santa Cruz, "
Washington D.C.
Austin, Texas
San Antonio, "
El Paso, "
Port Aransas, "
Dallas, "
Galveston, "
Corpus Christi, "
Orlando, Florida
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Columbia, Missouri
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Detroit, "

That's all for now. I'm going to Albany, New York later this summer for a wedding. One more to add to the list!

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