Jun 3, 2004


Current time...11:58 PM

my aim conversations are slowly ending as one by one, people either go to sleep or get annoyed with me. mostly they go like this:

hOtangel: why dont u go 2 sleep?
nirav015: i'm too lazy to drag myself the two feet to my bed
hOtangel: thats just insane
nirav015: well
nirav015: i also have to turn off the light
hOtangel: you're just a lazy beep
nirav015: sounds about right

(note: hOtangel is nupur, not some random online hooker, as it may seem by the name)
here's another funny excerpt:

hOtangel: todays the first day i was home the whole day
hOtangel: all i did was SLEEP
nirav015: i've been home for the past week...consider yourself lucky
hOtangel: ive been out VOLUNTEERING
hOtangel: i consider that fun, eh?
nirav015: right
hOtangel: volunteering my foot
nirav015: i didn't know anyone would want your foot

...right. here's what else i've been doing: reading archives from Real Life Comics (it's an online comic strip, idiot). i think colin suggested it to me.
i was thinking about drawing a comic strip myself, but i realized that i can't draw worth a crap. my comic self portrait looks like a lima bean. and i'm not joking.
so if you, dear reader, have anything at all to do, please leave a comment or tag the message board because I (to use a cliche) am bored beyond belief. if you're bored just like me, IM me and we'll have a pointless conversation.

P.S. it's the next day. i'm having a pointless conversation with maerilly...excerpts:

nirav015: you know what?
ooooolala06: chicken butt?
nirav015: no


ooooolala06: FIND A BLOG SKIN!
nirav015: I WILL
nirav015: SOMEDAY
nirav015: whenever i get off my lazy beep and get around to it
ooooolala06: then get off it now!
ooooolala06: hehe
nirav015: it happens to be quite comfortable where it is, thank you very much

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