Jun 2, 2004


What's going on?? I feel like all my friends have left me. Everyone's either:

1. On a cruise (Joy)
2. In Germany (Jordan, Andrew, most people in German)
3. In Iowa (Pranay)
4. Under house arrest (Ha)
5. Just logged off AIM (Maerilly)
6. Not on AIM at all (everyone else)

It's boring! Especially since I actually have work to do; I'm taking the Chemistry SAT II on Saturday, and I'm supposed to be studying.
I've taken to playing Tien Len, also known as VC, with Maria and Luis. That, or I've been playing iSketch.
Also, I've been checking my Gmail inbox. Repeatedly. As though I expect someone to email me. Even though I haven't emailed anyone.
You can see how much my life has degenerated. I need b&n, coffee, and spades.

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Anonymous said...

my god im bored