Apr 9, 2004

The Blogster Awards! - Finished At Last...Drive Safely!

[Joy's Blog Awards are here]

And thereby shall the Blogster Awards commence!

The Blogster Awards are over. Thank you all for coming, and have a great evening!

The nominees for Funniest Blog are...
Knurd Unit
Group blog made by Joy, Nirav, Pranay, Maerilly, and Sarah. Its theme is a stange mix of nerdiness and ghettoness. Enhanced by a picture of a rare herd of rapper-nerds.
Pranay's Sonic-themed Xanga site. Although slightly messy, it is updated fairly regularly with hilarious happenings in Pranay's life. Also visited periodically by the Demotivators.
Megatorpoki's Fwoosh!
Azam's oddly Pokemonized journal. Can usually be counted on for something insightful and revealing. NOT! Actually, it's usually got something completely irrelevant and humorous. That's why it's in the Funniest Blog catagory, you idiot.
And the Blogster for Funniest Blog goes to...
You have to acknowledge the total funny randomness in his xanga. Congratulations on winning the first Blogster ever.

The nominees for Most Serious Blog are...
It's All Relative
Joy's blog. Sometimes has lighthearted posts, but more often than not discusses deep topics like dating and friendship. Often makes you appreciate something you used to take for granted, or think about something that never struck you before.
Life...a Sitcom
Ha's newly-skinned blog. Again, is sometimes lighthearted, but many posts are evidence of her truly insightful mind.
Inside MY Head
By Barira Munshi. Discusses topics that are very close to her heart, but can still be understood and related to by everyone, at least in one aspect.
And the Blogster for Most Serious Blog goes to...
Life...a Sitcom
Because it just is. The most serious blog, that is.

The nominees for Best Layout are...
Knurd Unit
By Pranay, Nirav, Joy, Maerilly, and Sarah. Used to have a pretty gay template (literally; there was a picture of two naked men hugging), but now it's all cool-looking. Extra points for the Photoshopped nerd heads on rapper bodies.
Purity is a Myth
Lucky's blog, nominated by Maerilly. Everything seems to fit perfectly into place, although the whole place seems a bit like a hospital for lack of color. Nice scrolling list for blog links.
Every instance spent with you is never null moment.
Regan's blog. I'm not sure if that's the title, but it's very punny. This blog gets nominated just for the great sketch at the top of the page.
And the Blogster for Best Layout goes to...
Purity is a Myth
Despite Sarah's threat to dismember me if I didn't let her win this one, the Blogster has to go to Lucky.

The nominees for Best HTML Use are...
Pranay's xanga seems to always have random experiments with html hanging around. It's like a fortune cookie of coding; you never know what html weirdness you'll find.
No Pretense
An odd title for Maerilly's xanga, but nevertheless contains excellent html work. Every time you visit there is usually something new floating around, singing, scrolling, or popping up.
Knurd Unit
Yet again, the blog by Pranay, Joy, Maerilly, Sarah, and Nirav gets a Blogster nomination. Every aspect of this blog is infused with strange and wonderful html-ing.
And the Blogster for Best HTML Use goes to...
No Pretense

Now we're going to have some special awards, for which there are just going to be winners and no nominees:
And the Blogster for...
...Smiley-est Blog goes to...
Megatorpoki's Fwoosh!: An average of 23,500 smilies per post.
...Least Updated goes to...
*sUpEr SaRaH*: Expect around one post a decade.
...Most Often Reskinned goes to...
Life...a Sitcom: Approximately 240 times within the past week.
...Most Updated goes to...
Megatorpoki's Fwoosh!: Updated somewhere around twice a minute.

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