Apr 29, 2004

The Bubble Theory

Probably no one remembers my "Know Yourself" aphorism for life. It just means that you should know the real reasons that you do things.

Anyways, so I accidentally poked Ha the other day, and she got all freaked out, because I went through her little 'bubble' thing. And that set me wondering...do we have mental bubbles as well?

I think we do. They are mental shells, one inside the other, that go down and down until you reach your inner center. Mine (that I've been able to identify), are:

Everyone - This is for people whom I don't know.
Friends - Anyone whom I've talked to and know their name, essentially.
Close Friends - People that I've known for a relatively long amount of time, and who I can generally trust.
REALLY Close Friends - Only two or so people in this catagory. I would trust them with anything.
Family - my family
Myself - this is where my consciousness actually is
Inner Center - This is my subconscious, I guess, or whatever you want to call it. It is this part that I refer to when I say "know yourself". I think that here, at your inner center, are all your true feelings and emotions. It is very difficult to talk to yourself, simply because we lie to ourselves much of the time.

More on this later.


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