Apr 4, 2004

Congratulations to those people who did good at UIL District!
And to those of you who didn't do so well...you already know you suck.
No, seriously, good job to everyone who went. Special congrats to Pranay, Anu, Stacy, Rupak, Spandana because they actually won stuff. Good luck to everyone going to regionals!

Oh yeah, I guess I'd better say something about Ha, because she's going to regionals for L-D after her first year of debate. All I have to say is, it's all my doing, because I wrote both her cases, plus prepping her for the tournament.
Okay fine, I just wrote her cases.
Okay, just the aff one.
All right, I just helped her with it.
Fine, I just made fun of her via my cell phone while she wrote her case with no help whatsoever. I probably made it worse rather than better.

Anyways...good job and good luck to UIL people.

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