Apr 4, 2004


So here are Pranay and me, playing cards. We're at the house of a neighborhood mutual family friend; our parents are chatting with them, so Pranay and I are bored.
My back is to the glass door to the backyard, and we're playing ERS. I'm losing, and then suddenly Pranay, who's been looking out over my shoulder into the yard, starts laughing and telling me to turn around.
"Yeah, right!" I'm not falling for that one.
"No really! Look!"
I follow the line of his finger and there, in the house behind, on the balcony, is this guy in a muscle shirt and jeans, and he's completely bending over a big flowerpot or something, presenting us with a beautiful view of his backside.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
It was hilarious. Then he went inside the glass balconey door, and we couldn't see him for a while. Between laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, Pranay and I started playing again, but we both kept on looking back, and then our hopes came true. He came out again, and bent slowly over another flowerpot.
It was like he was TRYING to give us a show or something.
Then he goes back inside, carrying the flowerpot.
After we recovered from this one, I tossed a small salute in the general direction of the backyard.
Then, as if to oblige me, he appeared right behind the glass door, and, from a sideways angle this time, bent over again!
It was hilariously traumatic, to say the least.
...whew...my sides hurt from laughing.

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