Apr 8, 2004


*Sigh* just reminiscing about TMSCA State some more.

I remember one time when Mr. Trinh, Tram, Daniel, Mr. Cantu, Andy, and I were playing VC in one of the rooms. We were taking turns trading in and out; the two losers went out. At one point when I was out, Pranay, Neil, and Shalin came in. Because there were now a lot of us not playing, I suggested starting another game. Mr. Trinh said, and I quote, "Naah, this is where the PROS play, Nirav. What's the matter? Can't hang with us?"
So I didn't say anything, and the next game I was in. The others had gone ahead and started the other game in the room next door.
That next game I came in first, and Trinh was last. He got up, and mumbled something about checking in on the other room.
I said loudly, in triumph, "What's the matter, Mr. Trinh? I thought this is where the pros play! Huh? HUH?"
He just left.
It was sweet, very, very sweet.

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